Tuesday, March 22, 2005

arboretum report

Wow, it's gorgeous out there. A red letter day: my first coat-free arboretum ramble of the season! Most of the snow is gone - only a few patches are still valiantly holding on. In its place are a number of tiny rivers where no rivers had been before - runoff from all the melting/ed snow, I presume.

Evidence of pruning was everywhere. It surprised me, since I was taught that you never prune in the spring; it will cause the trees to lose too much sap as it rises up and out the raw ends. One more thing to look up in Fenyvesi, I guess.

Most everything still looks pretty dormant, with the exception of a few willows that are starting to bud. I saw a huge, brilliant male cardinal perched near the top of one, singing his head off.

I can't say I blame him; it's that kind of day.


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