Wednesday, March 23, 2005

good friends

For someone as hermit-like as I can be, I sure have great friends.

Far too often over the past year, when I've been invited to gatherings my friends have had, I just haven't shown up. Lots of reasons why, none of them very good. I'm uncomfortable at parties, I don't like going all the way up to Cambridge, I have to wash my hair, etc.etc.etc.

So when the tables were turned, and I invited a few friends out for drinks to celebrate my birthday, I was sure that they would subject me to the same treatment. It would be no more than I deserve, after the cavalier way I've blown them off time and time again.

To my great surprise, every single person that I invited showed up. Willingly and cheerfully. I even got presents.

It really made me take a good look at how important those connections are to me, and how I have to stop taking them for granted. I'm so lucky to have such warm, caring, brilliant people in my life. I'd forgotten for a while just how lucky.

I got a big fat reminder of it tonight, and I can't imagine a nicer birthday present.


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