Wednesday, April 27, 2005

april showers

What a dreary day. I sleepwalked through work today, and came home with no higher hopes than a peanut butter sandwich and a relatively good Simpsons episode. How nice, then, to find that the perennial portion of my garden order had arrived, safe and sound and waiting for me to add it to my steadily growing collection!

I got some of these,

a couple of these,

and one of these, too.

They don't look like much just yet, but at least they make the rain seem a little more purposeful.


Blogger gribley said...

Wow, those are coming along amazingly fast.

So, then, what would you recommend for someone with a 2x3 patch of ratty lead-contaminated urban soil? Something pretty (although I am colorblind!) which will grow well in several hours of nice direct sun each day. Also, it should probably be something I can get in the hardware store or the grocery store, since I'm not sophisticated enough to order by mail...


11:48 PM  
Blogger Anita Byr said...

Purple Wave Petunias.

You can't kill 'em. I think they come in other colors as well - the main thing is that they be ___ Wave Petunias - they're a hardier hybrid than the old kind.
You can get them anywhere, from Rudi's Flowers (very near Union Square) to just about any hardware store.

Also recommended: Dianthus (they come in a lovely array of colors and have nice foliage as well), Marigolds (a natural insect repeller), or Zinnias, all of which are pretty hardy and highly newbie-resistant.

If your garden patch gets morning sun - not afternoon- you might also try New Guinea Impatiens; they come in nice rich oranges and yellows which might be easier to see than red flowers. For interesting textures and contrasting colors, try adding a little Vinca or Lamb's Ears to the flowering plants. All of these are very common and can be found at the grocery or hardware store, too.

Mix a little peat or compost into your soil if it looks like it needs it, plus a little sand if it's too dense/clayish, and you'll be fine.

Or, as a last resort, you could bring along a gardeny friend to the hardware store for personalized help. ;-)

By the way, those flower photos are *not* the ones in my garden, although mine will hopefully look like that in a month or two.

12:03 AM  

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