Tuesday, April 12, 2005

banjo players: 1, hermits: 0

Every Tuesday I'm supposed to have band practice (well, duo practice).

I didn't feel like making the effort of human contact tonight, so I rang up my bandmate to call off tonight's rehearsal, making the feeble excuse that I didn't want to drive out in the (barely) sketchy weather.

"No problem," he replied; "I'll come out there instead."

He then proceeded to cheerfully and effortlessly brush aside all the excuses in my armory - it's too cold, too gray, I'm too tired, the almanac said it's an ill-omened day for singing.

He's hurtling over in his vegetable-oil powered car right now, a merry poster child for the Yankee can-do attitude, forcing me to crawl crankily back out of bed and start tuning up my guitar.

So despite my best efforts to sabotage it, it looks like I'm back to the plan of hanging out with a friend, having fun, and doing something creative all at the same time.

Thanks for the arm-bending, J.


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