Tuesday, April 05, 2005

feeding myself

It's gotten more lax every day here at casa del mio.
I started out great - healthy, regular meals consisting of traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods.

Over the past two weeks, though, there have been a whole lot of macaroni or pizza dinners. A lot of brownies at midnight. Skittles for breakfast. It's not a good trend.

It's not that I don't have plenty of normal, healthy food in the house. I do. It's just that with nobody looking over my shoulder to judge (or to remind me that it's past 11 and I should really start thinking about cooking a little something), I tend to get preoccupied, and wait until I'm craving a sugar (or salt) fix before choosing food.

I was saved from whatever bastard agglomeration I would have had for dinner tonight (cinnamon toast and a snickers bar? green beans and coffee? I'm only half joking here...) by the kindness of friends who invited me to a last minute quesadilla party high atop their third-floor balcony in lovely wooded Newton. These people lived in Mexico and Costa Rica; they know how to make a quesadilla. Plus, there was this incredible fizzy red wine involved - apparently it's all the rage in Italy. And you can get it at Trader Joe's.

In an added bonus (the good times just keep on coming!), one of these charming people is my new music partner, so I stuck around after dinner and we rehearsed for a while.

It was a great way to celebrate what felt like the first real day of spring. And it sure beat sitting at home alone, eating whatever instant-gratification delights I tend to choose in the absence of witnesses. (Note to self: potato chips are not a vegetable. And chocolate cookies are not for breakfast.)


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