Saturday, March 26, 2005

wild nights

After spending the afternoon negotiating my way around the city by means of bus, subway, and sneaker, I'm home again, buoyed by a sense of accomplishment but chilled to the bone. (Spring? Hello?)

All I want in the world right now is here in my little apartment: a hot bath, a cup of cocoa, and a wide open evening in which to embark on my new book (courtesy of gribley) snuggled securely under a toasty warm comforter.

Yeah, I know it's Saturday night.
But hey - how often do you get the chance to make all your wishes (for the moment, anyway) come true?

Next Saturday I'll see if I can do something about painting the town red. Tonight, though, I'm gonna wrap myself up in everything warm I can find and feel as cozy as a cat in the sun.

Mmmmmmm, bliss under a blanket.


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