Thursday, March 31, 2005

the exciting adventures of nell the cat

March 30, 10 pm: Arrived. Crawled under the bed. Observed a person and another cat in the room. Hate them both. Made periodic growling noises so there would be no confusion around this.

March 31, 9 am: Still under the bed. Person and cat both very noisy in the morning - too much stomping around. How many feet do they have, anyway?

11:00 am: Person finally left. Stayed under the bed another hour or so for good measure.

2:30 pm: Person returns. Looked for me under the bed...ha ha!! I'm not there anymore, stupid stompy person! You'll never find me now....nyah nyah!!

2:33 pm: Curses! Discovered in the closet. Decided to stay put until I think of another super top secret hideout.

3:00 pm: Still thinking...

4:00 pm: Still here...

5:00 pm: Must have fallen asleep. Woke up. Still in the closet.

6:00 pm: Oafish person returns. Pah! This is MY closet now. And I'm never coming out. Never never never never nev - hey - is that tunafish?

6:30 pm: A tough call, but ultimately decided to stay in the closet. Person seems discouraged. Good.

7:00 pm: {Yaaaawn} Still in the closet.

and the beat goes on...