Friday, April 08, 2005

here you go, pliny

"You say there is nothing to write about. Then write to me that there is nothing to write about."

- Pliny the Younger

Pliny was an inveterate writer himself, and not without his little quirks. Examine, if you will, the following lines, drawn verbatim from the Wikkipedia article about this charmer:

"Pliny had three wives but no sons. Only his last wife, Calpurnia, occasioned emotional words in the letters. He was quite wealthy and owned several villas in Italy; the two villas in Como, his native town, were named "Tragedy" and "Comedy"."

OK, ready for a fun challenge? How many things can you find wrong with the previous paragraph? I got 6, but only if you allow that "Pliny" is, in fact, a real name and not a whimsical prank played by Roman historians. Which, frankly, I'm on the fence about.

(If you guessed that I'm bored out of my mind over here, you'd be right. If you further ventured that Friday nights at home in my little apartment are lonely in their own heart-grindingly unique way, why, you'd be right again.

Yeah, well. . . I may be spending the last remaining Friday nights of my fast-fleeting youth making smart-aleck references to 2000-year-dead Romans. But you're spending yours reading it, so get off yer high horse already. Thhhhppbbt.)


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