Sunday, June 12, 2005

stop the angling; i want to get off

So my spiffy new oscillating fan came with a full-length instruction page, which includes the following mind-benders:

1. The air flow can be angled to right or left by pushing the body of button oscillating switch. If you want to stop angling, push it again.
2. Turn the knob of timer to position which set the time you want, the fan will stop when time is over. In case the timer is not use, set the timer to "on".

Of course, time really will be over if you neglect to mind the following warning:

3. Be sure not to make water or other liquid enter the inside of motor.

Maybe I'd be better off with one of those crinkled-up paper fans we all made in grade school. I can make any liquid I want enter the inside of that, and time will flow on just like it always does (although my fan will be considerably wilted and less useful).


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