Saturday, June 04, 2005

book score

The Roslindale library is having a book sale today. I found a couple of good ones, including an old copy of Auntie Mame and - the ultimate summer book score - a 1996 Southern Living annual cookbook. You know the ones I mean - everything's grilled, fried, or smothered in whipped cream, and a full half-page in the index is devoted to the boldfaced heading "bacon".

It was a standard library sale - hardbacks $1 and paperbacks $.50, but even that was half-price to library members (of course I'm a library member).

Gotta head in to work now, but I'll bet you can guess what I'll be up to the rest of the weekend. . .
(If you guessed cooking old-school Southern meals to be eaten in the backyard while immersing myself in my newly acquired books, you guessed right.)


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