Friday, June 24, 2005

golden afternoon

Well, I came home early from work today, since I was there a couple of hours over yesterday, and I was just about as pleased as I could be to see that while I was out, someone had installed a hammock in the backyard.

And I thought summer couldn't get any better.

So the past few hours have been spent drifting back and forth in a euphoric daze, novel in one hand and lemonade in the other, watching the shadows of the leaves of the enormous oaks above me dapple enchantingly across my legs and feet. There was a brief interlude of taking the dog for a brisk walk through the arboretum (I've found that late afternoon is my favorite time to go there lately); now it's back to the hammock for as long as I can stay before the mosquitoes find me.

Mmmmmm, hammock. Thank-you, lawn fairy!


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