Monday, July 18, 2005

blue night

For no really good reason, I feel pretty down tonight for the first time in a while. I actually had a fairly terrific weekend; much of it was spent lazing around with a new friend in the hammock, and I saw Gribley for the first time in ages for a belated birthday celebration. I even got a fair amount of Arboretum time in, in between socializing. All day long at work, I've been looking forward to coming home and spreading out into the luxury of a little down time; I've got fresh veggies, a newly tidy apartment, and a 10 inch pile of books just waiting for me to enjoy them all. But instead of relaxed, I feel vaguely sad and worried.

Usually when I feel like this, I find out in a matter of days that some relationship in my life (with a friend, a coworker, etc) has gone sour, and my mood has picked up on it before my brain has. Sometimes it's nothing more than a blue Monday, a passing funk that doesn't signify anything more than the fact that it's my turn to harbor one the bleak moods that overtake the best of us now and then.

I'm gonna go through the motions anyway: good dinner, comfy chair, and a stimulating read. Odds are that by acting out my gentle, low-key evening I'll soon find that I'm no longer merely acting once I get into it.

And if not, well, what is this blog for but to provide me with ample evidence that blue moods come along every so often, but never last longer than I can handle them?


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